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Following up Baldur's Gate 3 is a task for another studio, with developer Larian Studios stepping away from the series to work on its own IP. However, with the level of success the studio found last year, expectations are sky-high for whatever comes next. The team reportedly felt "incredible pressure" when starting work on its mysterious next project, and founder and CEO Swen Vincke is thankful the studio is now over that initial hump.

Speaking to GamesRadar+ after the Digital Dragons conference in Poland, Vincke described the weight of expectations the developers felt following up an achievement like BG3: "There was this moment where we felt incredible pressure, and then I said, 'Guys, just forget about all of it. Right? We're just going to make a game again. And we'll focus on that'".

Elaborating, Vincke outlined that the studio's next project needs to be something the developers themselves would want to play. While that might seem overwhelming, gut instinct had brought the developer this far: "And obviously, it's very ambitious. But if we can't follow our gut instinct because we're struggling to deal with external pressures or what people will expect, we will never make it; it will be a disaster. So we have to focus on making something that we want to play. And if it's that, then we'll be fine."

What are you hoping to see out of Larian Studios next? Could you imagine trying to follow up an effort like BG3 from scratch? Put one foot in front of the other in the comments section below.