There are many things to love about Astro's Playroom, and one of them is its soundtrack. Composed and produced by Kenny Young, the PS5 title is filled with joyful electronic songs that stick in the mind long after you put the pad down. Good news, then — he's back for Astro Bot, the newly announced PS5 platformer.

The composer has confirmed his involvement via social media:

Young is a long-time collaborator with Sony, producing music for games like Tearaway and LittleBigPlanet in addition to the Astro games. It's no surprise he's back, then, but it's great news regardless. If you've played Astro's Playroom, you're probably familiar with the breakout hit 'I'm Your GPU', which plays throughout one of the game's stages. Expect more earworms like that when Astro Bot arrives in just a few months.

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