Astro Bot PS Studios Logo

The logo blast at the start of every game's boot phase has become so homogenous that you're generally better off just scrolling through Twitter for a few seconds before reaching the main menu. Sony tried to inject some personality into each of its first-party titles by personalising the PS Studios logo drop with the characters from the game you're about to play, and it feels like the newly-announced Astro Bot for PS5 is the first time that slice of individuality will actually get a proper smile out of you.

While it didn't feature in the actual State of Play livestream (so the surprise wasn't ruined), the PS Studios logo intro for Astro Bot has been neatly personalised with the many different variations of the mascot, all led by the cape-wearing character itself. The clip has been posted by Twitter user @realradec and can be viewed below.

If you pause the action to take it all in, you can spot Astro Bot versions of Aloy, Nathan Drake, Ratchet, and Spike from Ape Escape chasing after a monkey. Given the fact there are 80 fully-fledged levels in the new PS5 instalment, the logo treatment is just a very small tease of the familiar faces that could appear throughout the campaign.

Do you like the way Team Asobi has handled the PS Studios logo animation? Let us know in the comments below.