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The Helldivers 2 community isn't entirely impressed with developer Arrowhead's latest patch, 01.000.300, which, according to some, significantly nerfed players' fun. In the patch notes, a fix for the seemingly busted way shrapnel ricochets was alleged, but the community has since proved the problem still exists, although it's actually the Eruptor that's to blame.

According to the initial notes (thanks, IGN): "Shots that ricochet from heavily armoured enemies will now properly hit the Helldiver who fired them. Trigger discipline is highly recommended." Players soon began reporting that something funky was going on until Redditor Zenbast decided to test the matter, determining that the root cause of the problem was the most likely culprit: the shrapnel-spewing Eruptor primary weapon.

Arrowhead heard the community loud and clear, thanking players on Discord and promising a patch would fix the issue. Arrowhead plans to remove the shrapnel effect from the Eruptor entirely but increase direct hit damage, explaining: "This should make it less lethal to the operator but just as powerful against enemies. It should maintain its destructive power, and as it is still classed as explosive, it will not lose the ability to break objects, close holes, destroy fabricators, etc. This will, overall, be a buff to the weapon as shrapnel played an almost negligible part in the damage and power it dealt. Its AOE will be unaffected."

Have you been catching strays from fellow Helldivers playing a little too fast and loose with the explosive Eruptor? What do you think of Arrowhead's proposed changes? Let us know in the comments section below.

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