Among Us Is Getting More Roles, Better Lobbies, More Later This Year 1

You don't see or hear too much about Among Us these days, but it remains a popular social deduction game. As it turns out, developer Inner Sloth is far from done with the title — it recently highlighted all its plans for the remainder of 2024, with some pretty big changes incoming.

Over on the studio's website, it's outlined the 2024 roadmap for Among Us, with some notable additions and improvements due to arrive later this year. First up is the implementation of new roles. A few years back, the game officially added extra player roles with unique abilities like Engineer, Scientist, Guardian Angel, and Shapeshifter. More of these are coming to the game, though it's not said which ones or how they'll play.

Beyond that, the lobbies are getting a facelift. The studio is working on better lobby filtering, and is giving the lobby settings UI an overhaul to make them easier and better to navigate. Inner Sloth is also teasing more collabs with other games and studios, which will result in some brand new cosmetics in which to outfit your character. Finally, general quality-of-life improvements will be coming to the game, like lobby music and crewmate chat popping at the top of the screen.

Are you still enjoying Among Us? Are you looking forward to seeing these changes? Vent into the comments section below.

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