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  • Rumour Is LEGO Horizon Aloy's Next Big PS5 Adventure?


    An unexpected rumour has surfaced this weekend regarding the possibility of a LEGO-themed Horizon game. In truth, the speculation is vague, and it’s not clear at this stage whether the collaboration involves a full-blown PS5 title or a physical set, similar to the one featuring the Tallneck which sold out around the world last year. In...

  • News Vague Sly Cooper PS5 Game Rumours Debunked

    "No truth to this one, sorry to say"

    Speculation of a second game in production at Ghost of Tsushima studio Sucker Punch Productions tied to the late Sly Cooper series has been doing the rounds this weekend, but none of it's actually true. Alongside a presumed follow-up to the developer's samurai hit, Jeff Grubb of Giant Bomb suggested the team may...

  • News Switch's Demon Slayer Board Game Rolls a PS5, PS4 Port in July

    Launched on Switch last month

    The board game adaptation of goliath manga and anime series Demon Slayer is coming to PS5 and PS4, after debuting meekly on Nintendo Switch last month. The title couldn’t top 20,000 sales in Japan during Golden Week, and so Sony subsidiary Aniplex will be hoping the CyberConnect2 title sells a little better on...

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  • Guide All PS Plus Games

    All PS5, PS4 games lists for PS Plus Essential, Extra, and Premium

    What are all PS Plus games? Sony's PS5 and PS4 subscription service, PlayStation Plus, is jam-packed with hundreds of games available to members. On this page, we're going to tell you everything you need to know about PS Plus, including a full list of all PS Plus games across all...

  • News Hundreds of Huge PS5, PS4 Games Discounted for the Weekend

    Friday, I'm in love

    Looking for something new to play on your PS5 or PS4 this weekend? Well, you’re in luck! Sony has plunged the price of over 100 games through 7th May, with savings of up to 80 per cent on major titles like Grand Theft Auto 5 (£17.49/$14.99), Alan Wake 2 (£39.99), and Madden NFL 24 (£19.99/$13.99). It should be noted, you...

  • Guide Stellar Blade: Best Builds for Eve

    Optimal equipment options

    Looking for the best builds for Eve in Stellar Blade? Shift Up's console debut equips its heroine with a suite of combat abilities, but it's up to you to personalise how you want to play using unlockable Exospines and Gear. On this page, as part of our Stellar Blade guide, we've assembled some approaches you may want to...

  • Rumour Resident Evil 9 Reveal and Release Imminent, Out in January

    At first it was delayed, now it's 2025

    Resident Evil 9, the sequel to Resident Evil Village, shall be announced "pretty soon" and release next year, potentially as early as January, noted horror game insider Dusk Golem has this morning claimed. They then reiterate past reporting, suggesting a seven-year development timeline, the largest budget of...

  • Poll What Review Score Would You Give Stellar Blade?

    Beginning to bel-Eve

    Stellar Blade has been out for a week now, and so we're wondering what you think of this latest PS5 exclusive. South Korean developer Shift Up's first attempt at a console release, the blade-based action game was met with many a positive review score — and it seems to have pleased a lot of players, too. "Stellar Blade is a...

  • News Many, Many More Xbox Ports Plotted for PS5, New Speculation Suggests

    Halo! Forza! More?

    The hugely successful launch of Sea of Thieves on PS5 this week fulfilled Microsoft’s commitment to Sony’s system, following its widely publicised business update earlier in the year. During that broadcast, boss Phil Spencer focused on four titles: Rare’s aforementioned seafaring release, Grounded, Hi-Fi Rush, and Pentiment...

  • News Helldivers 2 PC Players Blindsided by Seemingly Sudden PSN Account Requirement

    Spoiler: It isn't sudden

    Everyone is loving Helldivers 2 right now, but if you remember, the game was a bit of mess when it launched. There were all sorts of problems as the game's servers were overflowing with eager Super Earth patriots looking to conquer the galaxy. Now, though, the co-op shooter is in a far more stable state, but something else...

  • News Sony and Apollo Reportedly Make $26 Billion All-Cash Paramount Bid

    Prestige Worldwide

    A few weeks back, a report from the New York Times suggested that Sony was currently in talks with a monied partner, Apollo Global Management, to buy the legendary picture house Paramount. Well, the twosome has now drawn up terms, reportedly making an all-cash offer of $26 billion, which, if accepted, could open up Paramount's...

  • News Korea Announces Bold Plan to Buff Nation's Nascent Console Market

    Lies of P, Stellar Blade kick off Korean console renaissance

    Korea's Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism has announced it intends to boldly grow the country's console market, with significant government investment through 2028, in a bid to revitalise the nation's burgeoning games industry. Shift Up's success with Stellar Blade is no doubt part...

  • News Sony Sings PS Portal's Praises with Accolades Trailer

    "...Feels fantastic..."

    PlayStation's plucky little PS5 remote option, the PS Portal, continues to be a pleasant surprise for everyone involved, Sony included. The initially iffy-sounding device has proven to be wildly popular, and PlayStation has released an accolades trailer to remind us of the fact, featuring glowing quotes from some of the most...

  • News Shadow of the Erdtree 'First and Last' Elden Ring DLC, Miyazaki Confirms

    "We have no plans to add more content to Elden Ring"

    FromSoftware's misery-maker-in-chief, Hidetaka Miyazaki, has confirmed that the imminent Shadow of the Erdtree DLC for Elden Ring, arriving on PS5 and PS4 on 21st June, will be the "first and last" piece of additional content the game receives. However, the possibility of an Elden Ring sequel was...

  • News Family Friendly Level-5 Boss Would Love to Make Violent, Erotic Games

    "There’s an abnormal world inside of me"

    The boss of Level-5, the Japanese developer best known for family-friendly titles like Professor Layton, Ni no Kuni, and Yokai Watch, apparently has that dog in him, proclaiming his desire to develop both erotic and extremely violent games someday. CEO Akihiro Hino made the surprising admission during an...

  • News SteamWorld Heist 2 Outlines Tactical Gameplay, Job System in Overview Trailer

    Good shot, robot

    SteamWorld Heist 2 is a sequel to the acclaimed first entry in Thunderful's turn-based tactics series, announced last month for both PS5 and PS4. While the follow-up shares much in common with the original, it looks to be making some interesting changes to the strategic gameplay, most notably coming down to the introduction of a job...

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