Kaizen Game Works, the studio behind the cracking detective adventure Paradise Killer, has just revealed its second game, and it looks every bit as bizarrely intriguing. Titled Promise Mascot Agency, this unique indie title is heading to PS5 and PS4 in 2025, and based on the debut trailer we're so on board.

You play as Michi, a yakuza member exiled in disgrace and forced to revive a rundown mascot agency in the middle of a cursed town. With a need to turn the agency's fortunes around, it'll be your job to manage the business, recruit mascots, and find new clients.

To do this, you'll explore the open world town of Kaso-Machi in a banged-up truck, meeting new characters, finding collectibles, and discovering new mascots — who are living beings in this universe, by the way. You'll need to negotiate with them and try to meet their desires if they're to work with you. Once they're part of the agency, you can assign them to clients in order to make money and expand the business. You'll sometimes need to lend them a hand using tactical cards to ensure their success.

The developer has collaborated with Ikumi Nakamura, best known for her design work on Ghostwire: Tokyo, and concept artist Mai Mattori. The pair helped with the art direction, world design, and characters of Promise Mascot Agency.

The result is a game with a look and a concept we've certainly not come across before. An open world crime drama management sim about sentient mascots? With card elements? And an upgradeable truck? We cannot wait to get our hands on this next year.

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