Star Wars Outlaws PS5 Push Square 1

Ubisoft revealed yesterday that Star Wars Outlaws will launch for PS5 on 30th August 2024, but what's got its potential community talking just as much is the eye-opening price of its Ultimate Edition. Up for pre-order now on the PS Store, the publisher has slapped a £120 / $130 price point on the most expensive version of the game, which gets you access to the game, its season pass, and a bunch of digital bonuses. This is a notable increase compared to past Ubisoft titles.

So, what do you get for almost the cost of two full-price PS5 games? The base game is bundled with its season pass — which will add two story-focused expansions after launch — two cosmetic packs for protagonist Kay, her spaceship, and other vehicles, a digital artbook, and the chance to play the game three days early, from 27th August 2024. With the base game set at $70 and the Gold Edition costing $110, it means Ubisoft reckons the early access and season pass are worth $40. Those extra cosmetic packs and the digital art book then add an extra $20 to the overall price.

Star Wars Outlaws PS5 Push Square 2

Compared to other Ultimate Editions that Ubisoft has offered in the past few years, it's a notable price increase. Here are some recent comparisons:

The only other time Ubisoft has charged such a high price is for last year's Avatar game, which even then, was priced ever so slightly cheaper in the UK. Residents of the United Kingdom have never paid more for a complete edition of a Ubisoft game than Star Wars Outlaws. Plus, you'll need to maintain a constant internet connection to get the game installed on your PS5.

Some of the uproar seems to stem from confusion surrounding what a season pass actually is, with some assuming it's more of a Battle Pass from a live-service game. While games out of Ubisoft have been known to use microtransactions, the content in Star Wars Outlaws' Ultimate Edition is all guaranteed content set to arrive either at launch or in the months after. The publisher hasn't confirmed whether it'll have a premium currency or microtransactions at the time of writing.

Still, it's a price point that's got people talking, and not in a good way. Some of the game's fans on Reddit are joking about going into debt after pre-ordering the Ultimate Edition, while others are warning not to commit any cash before release. There's also the option to play the game through the company's subscription service Ubisoft+ for a much cheaper price if you sign up for a month.

What are your thoughts on paying $130 for an Ultimate Edition? Share them in the comments below.