The Wolf Among Us 2 PS5

The Wolf Among Us 2 is the eagerly anticipated sequel to one of Telltale's most beloved games, but news of the endeavour has been surprisingly scarce. Last we heard, the game had been delayed and would not be released in 2023. Thankfully, a familiar face has kept the flame of hope alive.

The Game Awards' own Geoff Keighley recently surfaced some screenshots of the still in-production project, giving us glimpses of the Big Bad Wolf himself, who still seems down on his luck. When we finally get our grasping paws on this one, it remains anyone's guess, but rest assured, it's still on the way.

Since its ignoble demise and subsequent resurrection, Telltale Games released a five-episode take on The Expanse (which we liked) before suffering a fresh round of layoffs, which is perhaps why we're so hungry for news.

Are you excited to see more of Bigby's grim adventures? When do you think The Wolf Among Us 2 will be released? Huff and puff in the comments section below.