System Shock PS5 PS4 Push Square

The PC version of Nightdive Studios' System Shock remake will be taking its largest update ever on 11th April 2024, and with the PS5, PS4 versions slated to release towards the end of May, the ports will presumably ship with this new patch already implemented. As such, Sony console owners can look forward to playing the greatest, most complete version of System Shock from day one.

The significant update is detailed in a new interview with PC Gamer, conducted at GDC. What initially started out as a Kickstarter stretch goal eight years ago, Nightdive Studios founder Stephen Kick reveals a female protagonist option will be added to the game to improve its "immersive quality". As the outlet points out, your main character is silent and you only ever see their model at the start and end of the game, as well as on the game over screen. Still, the addition is a welcome one.

Then, the 1.2 update implements a new and "upgraded" ending, which Kick and business development director Larry Kuperman agree is worth replaying the game for. PS5, PS4 players will only get the improved conclusion, of course, which is said to address criticism surrounding the final scenario's decision to strip you of all your gear.

On top of those changes, the big System Shock patch for PC will improve enemy combat abilities and introduce an "easy mode waypoint system" to make navigation more streamlined. All these updates will be added to the PC version next week on 11th April 2024, so with the PS5, PS4 ports set to arrive on 21st May 2024, it's presumed the upgrades will be part of the base game that ships for PlayStation players. Are you looking forward to trying System Shock? Let us know in the comments below.