Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League PS5 PlayStation

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League already looked to be in an impossible situation, with dismal player numbers for a AAA title game of this scale and an increasingly disaffected player base as times move on. Now, developer Rocksteady and publisher Warner Bros have an entirely fresh headache to contend with. Hackers have unearthed unreleased skins and seasonal content coming to the game, and at least one has managed to even play as an unreleased character. Judging from Warner's reaction (attempting to remove images as soon as they pop up), the reveals seem legit—obviously, spoilers for Suicide Squad's future content to follow.

Collated by IGN, Warner Bros. is currently working to remove images of hackers using unreleased skins, details on gear sets being added in Season 2, and even someone playing as an unreleased DC character, Deathstroke, despite that character reportedly not being released until Season 4, in January 2025. It does seem like the cat is out of the bag on this one, and the developers need to find a way to keep future content under closer lock and key if they want to keep persistent players out and retain any sense of mystery.

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