Still set to release on the 14th June, Shin Megami Tensei 5: Vengeance is really starting to kick its marketing machine into gear. And today, we've been handed a new trailer the enhanced PS5 and PS4 re-release. It gives us a glimpse of new story stuff, new locations, new gameplay elements, and new demons that you'll be able to recruit.

On that latter point, Vengeance will apparently boast over 270 monsters, building on the original game's already sizeable roster. What's more, the protagonist's getting a fresh outfit for the new 'Canon of Vengeance' storyline. In case you don't know, Vengeance lets you choose between two distinct narratives, changing whole parts of the experience when compared to the original release.

Looking good, isn't it? Are you hyped for SMT 5 on PlayStation? Build an unbeatable team of demons in the comments section below.