Astro Bot Rescue Mission PS4 PlayStation

Reports from some familiar faces suggest that Sony still has some "smaller" PS5 exclusives set for the tail end of 2024. Insiders and various industry types agree that they'll likely be seen at next month's rumoured PlayStation event. The consensus seems to be that the long-awaited Silent Hill 2 remake will be one, and the rumoured standalone Astro Bot game will be another.

That's according to noted journalist and insider Jeff Grubb, who was seconded by none other than The Snitch, now known as Elesnicho, with both teasing that the two games could be shown off in May (thanks, PSLS). Grubb has previously stated that an Astro Bot game is on track for this year.

Silent Hill 2, meanwhile, is slated for 2024 (despite not having an official release date), according to a trailer published by Sony back in January. The spooky title was this week rated by the ESRB for release in the US, with both occurrences adding further credence to these claims.

What do you think? Are the stars aligning for a few smaller PS5 releases later this year? Will we learn more at the rumoured May event? Let us know what you hope to see in the comments section below.