Working in a retail store seems like an under-explored setting for games, considering so many people do it. While we've seen horror titles explore the terrors of staffing night shifts, this upcoming game, InKonbini, looks like an earnest effort to capture the bright side of tending to a shop.

Announced for PS5 and launching sometime in 2025, the game has you playing a young woman working at a Japanese convenience store. It's a narrative-driven, low-pressure experience with an emphasis on character interaction and dialogue. As well as speaking with the shop's clientele, though, you'll be restocking shelves, arranging items, making phone calls, scanning goods through checkout, and so on. It's aiming to capture a nostalgic 90s feel and provide a relaxed experience.

We quite like the look of this peaceful game, but what about you? Are you interested in putting in a shift with InKonbini? Check the stock room in the comments section below.