Rumour: Sonic Frontiers 2 in the Works, Say Multiple Sources 1

Rumblings of a follow-up to SEGA's Sonic Frontiers are currently doing the rounds. Referred to simply as Sonic Frontiers 2, a couple of known leakers have said the project is currently in development.

First, X user Daniel Richtman shared a post with his Patreon followers claiming the open zone platformer sequel is in the works. Shortly after, another insider, Midori, corroborated the rumour, simply stating that it's "correct information". They followed this up with slightly more context, saying the game is a sequel "in gameplay style", and may not necessarily be called Frontiers 2.

Both sources are apparently well-known for being reliable, so Sonic fans seemingly have something to get excited about here. It would also make perfect sense for Sonic Team to build upon what it achieved with Sonic Frontiers, as it was largely well-received and sold over 2.5 million copies in its first month alone. The original came out at the tail end of 2022, so presumably, work is well underway on the next entry.

Would you like to see Sonic Frontiers 2, or a follow-up to that formula in the next Sonic game? Zoom into the comments section below.

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