Rocket Racing, a surprisingly solid arcade racer found within Fortnite, has just received its first major update since launch. Dubbed Neon Rush, this update not only brings some neon-soaked vibes to the game, it adds plenty of additional content and features that fans will want to check out.

The big headline here is the proper inclusion of user-created tracks. You can either find them with their Fortnite island code, or within Rocket Racing in a series of new playlists, featuring new and top-rated tracks. This will greatly expand the variety of tracks you can race around.

Saying that, Epic has also added five new official courses to enjoy. These make the most of the Neon Rush aesthetic, and range from Novice to Expert difficulty.

Neon Rush also resets ranks, with your starting rank based on where you ended up in the previous ranked period. Additionally, all Epic-made tracks can now be played in Speed Run mode as well as regular races.

Of course, there are also new quests to get through, lasting the duration of Neon Rush. These will reward you with new cosmetic goodies. Speaking of, you can get new cosmetic packs in the shop, including the Werewolf car body which will work across Rocket Racing and Rocket League.

On top of everything else, Neon Rush brings with it a list of general fixes and improvements. You can see the full rundown on the official blog, but in a nutshell, tweaks have been made to ranked progression, and a ton of lingering bugs have been addressed.

It's a hefty update, then. Are you still playing Rocket Racing? Tell us in the comments section below.