Housemarque is celebrating the third anniversary of PS5, PC title Returnal by revealing a new artbook and graphic novel called Fallen Asteria. 88 pages in length, the latter can be previewed above in an animated version of the first issue. The graphic novel goes on sale from 22nd October 2024 and will cost $19.99.

As for the artbook, it's out on the same day and will cost $49.99. It's 224 pages long and will include "concept art of the volatile biomes and terrifying enemies, as well as insightful commentary from the game’s creative team". Both are up for pre-order on Amazon now.

"After Helios crashes onto a hostile alien world, Selene Vassos, a lone ASTRA scout must fight for her life against the horrific hostiles that live beyond every shadow and a trail of distorted memories," the Amazon description for the graphic novel teases. "Can she hold on long enough to track down the White Shadow signal? Mystery shrouds the world of Atropos and Selene begins to wonder: will she find answers at the end of her journey, or is this nightmare inescapable?"

It then continues: "Created by the Housemarque Brand team with Gregory Louden, Eevi Korhonen, and Khalil Osaimi from Returnal's Narrative team and the stunning art of Igor Lomov and Aaron Järvinen. This Housemarque adaptation brings their BAFTA award winning Sci-Fi action thriller to the world of graphic novels."

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