Pathologic 2

Russian President Vladimir Putin has reportedly instructed his government to begin exploring the creation of a Russian games console in an apparent attempt to reboot the Russian gaming industry.

That's according to the Russian-controlled state media apparatus RT (thanks, VGC), which details a meeting from last week in which the authoritarian leader instructed the government to "weigh requirements for organizing the production of both stationary and portable game consoles in Russia”. The deadline for executing the order is 15th June 2024.

A Kremlin spokesperson explained that the creation of the Russian games console was aimed at developing the nation's native games industry. Most major gaming companies operating in Russia, including Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, EA, and Activision, fled following the country's invasion of Ukraine in 2022. Russian newspaper Kommersant reports that Putin is likely to entrust the development of the machine to tech company VK, which could take up to ten years to create.

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