The world is divided up into two types of people: those who have beaten Driver on PS1, and the rest who never got past its absurdly difficult tutorial. Lewis Hamilton, a seven-time F1 Championship winner, is one of the many who couldn't. In a new video uploaded to the Mercedes-AMG F1 YouTube channel, the professional racer is videod playing PS1 classics from his childhood.

Before getting on to other driving hits like F1 2000 and Gran Turismo, Hamilton takes a few casual attempts at arguably the toughest tutorial in video game history. First, he wrecks the car, then he runs out of time. "Damn it, I can't get past this first stage," he adds. During the video, Hamilton explains he was gifted a PS1 at Christmas from his parents, but he wanted a new racing helmet, so they took the Sony system back. Considering the career he's had since, that was probably a smart move.

In the decades since its release, Driver on PS1 has gained notoriety based on its incredibly difficult tutorial. You're sent to an underground parking lot and ordered to demonstrate a series of driving skills and moves within 90 seconds, like a burnout, 360-degree turn, a 180-degree reverse turn, and perform brake tests and a lap of the area. You were allowed three strikes inside the time limit until you were out and had to try the whole thing over again. Since the introduction couldn't be skipped, you were essentially stuck there forever if you couldn't beat it

Is there actually a game after that brutal tutorial? Who really knows? Do you now have a new claim to fame in that you're better at Driver than Lewis Hamilton? Show off your handbrake turn in the comments below.