Random: Someone Ported PS1 Classic WipEout to the Playdate 1
Image: Push Square

If you’re not familiar with the Playdate, it’s the dinky yellow handheld with a crank that’s actively coveting a hobbyist, indie game development crowd. It’s home to a number of unique experiences already, but for PlayStation fans, this may be the most intriguing outing yet: Psygnosis’ legendary PS1 racer WipEout, rendered in beautiful black-and-white polygons.

To be honest, it looks really nice in this clean, retro, wireframe format:

The port itself is based upon a rewritten version of WipEout, which itself was created using some leaked source code. Obviously there are also sorts of legal issues associated with a project like this, but hopefully Sony turns a blind eye and just lets it be – it’s not like it’s doing much else with the franchise these days, is it?

[source twitter.com, via eurogamer.net]