Tekken 8 Eddy Bot Twitch

Now this is the kind of crazy gaming scheme that we can get behind. Over the last few days, a Twitch channel called JimMashima (very good) has been attracting thousands of viewers to its Tekken 8 livestreams — but a real person isn't behind the action. Indeed, this is a bot with a singular purpose: to mash just one button and see how far it can climb through the game's online rankings.

Eddy, Tekken 8's first DLC character, is its fighter of choice — and with good reason. Again, the bot doesn't block and it doesn't move — it just hits the '3' (X on PlayStation) button over and over and over. And with Eddy, mashing 3 unleashes a basic kicking combo that can be deceptively difficult to handle, as it includes both mid and low attacks.

Once you know the combo, you can block it without too many problems. But if you don't properly adapt, it's likely to catch you out — and the bot's already proving to be a dangerous opponent for many a player. At the time of writing, JimMashima has hit the Vanquisher rank, which isn't especially high, but it is above what most would consider to be the game's beginner ranks. Generally speaking, Vanquisher suggests that you at least understand what you're doing when it comes to Tekken.

Now, at a glance, the takeaway from all of this might be that Eddy's 3 combo is overpowered — but that's not really the case. Yes, the combo's tricky, but it's essentially a knowledge check; if your opponent's doing the same thing over and over again, all you need to do is learn how to deal with it, and they're no longer a threat. If anything, JimMashima is proof that a lot of players simply don't consider what it is that their opponent is actually doing.

How far do you think JimMashima can go? Feel free to copy its fighting style in the comments section below.

[source twitch.tv, via twitter.com]