One of PSVR2's best loved, and best supported, games is C-Smash VRS, a virtual reality revival of the Dreamcast cult classic Cosmic Smash. Launching last summer, the sci-fi spin on racket sports has enjoyed several post-launch updates that add new features and improve the experience. Soon, a major update will make the game accessible to many more players; it's getting a regular, flat version, playable on PS5 without a headset.

C-Smash VRS: New Dimension, as this version will be called, essentially makes it so the game can be played in its original form on PSVR2, or on your TV like a "normal" game, with the camera set back for a third-person view. The update will be free to anyone who owns C-Smash VRS already, while you can now pre-order the non-VR version (and will have access to the PSVR2 version in the meantime).

As well as this major change are some as yet unannounced "surprises" coming to both versions of C-Smash VRS. The New Dimension update is due for release in "late summer" of this year.

Are you excited about playing C-Smash VRS in non-VR form? Serve up your thoughts in the comments section below.