PS Stars Rewards Now Include Top PS5 Games Rise of the Ronin, Helldivers 2, More 1
Image: Push Square

If you regularly use a PS5 or PS4, there's very little reason not to be using PS Stars. This rewards programme, currently only accessible via the PlayStation mobile app, rewards users with points for PS Store purchases, as well as neat little digital collectibles for completing simple campaigns. Part of the service also allows you to use your accrued points to redeem PS Store credit and, if you have enough, entire games and other digital goodies. It's these PS Stars rewards that have recently been refreshed, and there's some good stuff up for grabs — if you have the points.

In terms of full games, you can now spend points on the likes of Rise of the Ronin (17,500 points), Helldivers 2 (10,000 points), Minecraft (5,000 points), and Balatro (3,750 points). These join a handful of titles that have been in the rewards section for longer, such as GRIS, Stardew Valley, and Dredge. That's a pretty great selection of software, though you'll need a good number of points saved up for some of those more premium games.

The rewards go beyond that, though; there are also several premium currency packs available to redeem for PS Stars points, for games like Gran Turismo 7, Genshin Impact, Destiny 2, and more. You can claim some DLC too, such as Bloodborne: The Old Hunters and Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course.

Considering you gather points for everything you buy on PS Store anyway — and some campaigns reward you with extra points as well — it's worth checking the rewards from time to time and seeing what you can get. It's encouraging to see Sony refreshing the lineup at the very least; hopefully they can keep bringing top notch games into the rewards for PS Stars users.

Are you making the most of PS Stars and your points? Will you be claiming any of these new rewards? Discuss in the comments section below.