PS Portal

PS Portal owners may have noted that system update 2.0.6 is now available, requiring the usual restart rigamarole. The patch notes for the update are incredibly sparse but potentially quite profound, reading simply: "We've improved system software performance and stability." In the hours since, players have been reporting a drastic increase in video quality.

Spotted by PlayStation LifeStyle, players on the PlayStation Portal subreddit have been singing the update's praises. While stuttering still persists during demanding gameplay sequences, the fine detail appears to have been improved overall, with less pixelation.

"The video quality and bitrate is day and night different, and better," wrote one user. Another tried to rationalize the increased performance: "Mine is running smoother for sure; micro stutters are not even noticeable now. This update could have done something with connections maybe idk. Not placebo, I've literally gone back and checked games that gave me trouble and it's waaaay smoother."

We haven't had the chance to play our Portal since the update dropped, but we noted that setup for the update seemed to take an unusually long time. Have you noticed an improvement in video quality while using the PS Portal? Let us know in the comments section below.