Resistance: Retribution Patch 1.02 Adds Infected Mode, Fixes Bugged Trophy, More 1

Bend Studio is going above and beyond for its PS Plus Premium classic title, Resistance: Retribution. Originally a spinoff developed for PSP, the game is now playable on PS5 and PS4 for members, complete with Trophies and all the other usual enhancements. Rather than leave it as it is, though, the developer is soon to release a patch that not only makes some fixes, but also adds in a fan-requested feature.

Patch 1.02 is set to arrive sometime next week. The headline addition is Infected Mode, which was a special feature of the original game missing from the recent re-release. This mode allows you to play an alternate version of the campaign in which James Grayson becomes infected, has regenerating health, and can breathe underwater. There's new intel to find, and some cutscenes and dialogue changes too.

As well as that, a bugged Trophy will be fixed in this update, and a few brand new Trophies, related to Infected Mode, will also be added. So, if you've been playing this throwback shooter, there's soon to be more reason for a revisit once this patch drops.

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