£850 Final Fantasy Music Box Might Be the Most Extravagant Gaming Merch Ever 1
Image: Push Square

Square Enix recently announced the excellent soundtrack for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is now available on digital platforms. A physical CD set is also up for pre-order on the publisher's web store, including all 175 tracks from the recent RPG. That's all good, but it's the other musical merch Square Enix is pushing that's caught our attention.

In addition to the full OST, the publisher has put up for pre-order a limited edition, deluxe Final Fantasy music box:

When opened, the music box plays a rendition of Aerith's Theme. The box has been "handcrafted by craftsmen", with the position of the cylinder adjusted "to allow for a longer musical performance". As these are limited edition, each will also come with a unique serial number. It's a gorgeous item that we're sure collectors will want on their shelves — and it can be yours for just £849.99. Yes, we're well on our way to a grand for one of these. We suspect they'll become quite rare over time, so think of it as an investment.

We can't think of too many other gaming-related objects going for more than that, though we're sure they exist. Either way, that's an expensive block of wood, but we have big respect for anyone splashing the cash on one.

Will you be nabbing this special music box for 850 British pounds, or are you thinking of picking up the somewhat more affordable Rebirth OST instead? Let us know in the comments section below.

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