Lords of the Fallen developer Hexworks has revealed the final free content drop in its post-launch roadmap will take the form of a roguelite modifier system, and it's available on PS5 today. When beginning a fresh playthrough or jumping into New Game+, you'll now have the chance to change the way the game plays and operates across seven modifiers.

One of these is an Ironman mode, which will set you back at the start of the campaign when you die with your items and character level intact. Essentially a roguelite twist on the title, you can change things even further with randomised enemies, randomised loot drops from chests, fewer vestiges to rest at, and boons like weapons and armour already upgraded to your level when you pick them up. The update builds upon 30 previous updates and patches delivered after release, which added new questlines, armour sets, and quality-of-life improvements.

In a press release, executive producer and Hexworks head Saul Gascon said: "We’d like to thank the many players who have embarked upon Mournstead since we launched six months ago; their belief in our vision has been a real driving force for us. In response to their support for the game, we expanded the period of live support for Lords of the Fallen with an ambitious post-launch roadmap. This was built around four significant content updates, alongside numerous smaller releases, which included tons of new content and quality of life patches."

For a limited time, Lords of the Fallen is 50 per cent off on the PS Store, bringing its price down to a new low of £34.99 / $34.99. In our Lords of the Fallen PS5 review, we awarded the game a 7/10 and concluded: "Whereas many others aim to perfect the formula, Lords of the Fallen’s goal is to innovate. It certainly has its own array of problems, like lacking audio, repetitive enemy types, and combat that could be tightened up a little. However, when the game sinks its claws into you with its thrilling dual world mechanic, you won’t be able to get enough of it.

Significant and plentiful updates since then will have made the experience even better. Are you interested in checking out this latest version of the game? Let us know in the comments below.