Rebellion has today published a fresh PSVR2 trailer for Zombie Army VR, a spin-off from the main Zombie Army series that marks its first foray into virtual reality. It delivers a fully-fledged campaign that can be played alone or with a friend, and charts a path alongside the main games telling the story of a Deadhunter on the search for zombie war criminals.

"You fight your way through undead hordes near the bombed-out city of Nuremberg to help Captain Hermann Wolff, the Deadhunter’s legendary leader, find his scattered family, and fight to free Europe from the zombie apocalypse," a press release reveals. The likes of assault rifles, sniper rifles, pistols, and submachine guns form the core of your arsenal when fighting the undead, with the opportunity to dual-wield guns and master reload animations presenting themselves during gameplay.

Zombie Army VR launches for PSVR2 later in 2024 alongside versions for all three Meta Quest headsets and the Oculus Rift. Are you interested in this Zombie Army spin-off? Arm yourself to the teeth in the comments below.