PS5 60fps
Image: Push Square

Push Square readers took part in a rather heated debate last week. We asked our audience whether they actually care about games hitting 60 frames-per-second on PS5 — a conversation that's exploded over the last few months thanks to a number of titles launching with shoddy technical performance. And now, the results are in.

With over 6,000 votes cast in our poll, it would seem that a majority of PS5 players believe that 60fps is incredibly important. 36% said "all PS5 games should hit 60fps" and that there's "no excuse". A further 27% said that 60fps should always be the target on PS5. So that's a total of 63% saying that 60fps is a must on Sony's current-gen console.

Next, 19% said 30fps isn't a dealbreaker — although they still prefer 60. Then, just 14% said they don't care what the frame rate is, as long as it's consistent. And finally, only 5% of voters said they simply don't give a damn about frame rates. Hey, fair enough.

PS5 60fps Poll
Image: Push Square

Now, there is a caveat here in that we, as a website, obviously appeal to a more hardcore demographic. We suspect that there are a huge number of PS5 players who don't even know what a frame rate is to begin with. And that's fine! But we can only poll the people that we poll, and the results are somewhat one-sided.

A higher frame rate is one of those things where once you're used to it, it's difficult to go back. And with the PS5, most games at least offer an optional performance mode, favouring 60fps over graphical enhancements. If it gets to a point where that's no longer possible, or it's diminished in some way, there's going to be a backlash — at least from the hardcore crowd.

Did you vote in our poll? Did you expect these results? Be sure to type at a higher frame rate in the comments section below.