Popular MOBA game SMITE is getting a sequel, and you’ll soon be able to play it yourself. While the release date for Smite 2 is still a ways off, developer Hi-Rez Studios is letting fans get an early look at the title with a closed alpha test.

Yes, you can sign up for the alpha right now over on the official website. When you do, you can choose your platform, which includes PS5, so players will be able to see how the console version handles in the coming days. The alpha takes place over the forthcoming weekend, starting 2nd May.

You’ll be able to play as 14 heroes from the game’s roster, which seems like a decent sample size, and see what’s new and what’s the same about the multiplayer action title. One key difference is that Smite 2 is made using Unreal Engine 5, so it should be a big visual upgrade on the first game.

Will you be signing up for the Smite 2 alpha weekend on PS5? Level the playing field in the comments section below.

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