Sony doesn’t officially consider MLB The Show 24 and its annual contemporaries part of its live service strategy, but it absolutely is. San Diego Studio has been supporting its baseball sim with season-long content updates for several years now, and it looks like the latest game will be getting its best post-launch efforts yet.

The developer announced Season 1 on the PS Blog today, and it includes three new Storylines in the excellent Negro Leagues mode, featuring Larry Doby, Leon Day, and José Méndez. As always, you can expect documentary-like detail on each player, as well as archive footage, gameplay challenges, and Diamond Dynasty rewards.

There’ll also be a ton of new card drops in the latter mode, as well as brand new Programs, Conquest maps, and much more. The best thing about MLB The Show 24 is, while you’ll make the most progress playing Diamond Dynasty, it actually doesn’t matter which mode you’re enjoying as you’ll be earning XP and unlocking rewards.