L.A. Noire PS4

Rockstar has announced its GTA+ subscription service will be further bolstered later this year with the inclusion of L.A. Noire and Bully. The £4.99 / $5.99 per month membership is primarily for GTA Online players, handing them more cash and bonus items. However, with the PS4 version of the original Red Dead Redemption recently being put on the service, Rockstar is looking to expand its offerings even further.

The PS4 remaster of L.A. Noire and the PS2 version of Bully will both become available to active members later in 2024 alongside the pre-existing benefits. In fact, the in-game monetary benefit for GTA Online is about to get considerably better through until August. Alongside the usual monthly deposit of $500,000 GTA bucks, there'll be an extra $1,000,000 on top every month. A big summer update for the online portion of GTA 5 is also teased, with GTA+ members getting a new bonus super car when it drops.

GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition is also included in GTA+. Do these extra games included in GTA+ move the needle for you at all? Will you subscribe for a month when they drop so you can play them? Let us know in the comments below.

[source rockstargames.com]