We don't know about you, but anytime we've ever played Jackbox Party Pack, it's only ever been with people in their late 20s or older. While the successful series of party titles are typically aimed at a broad audience, featuring games suitable for all ages, it seems as though a lot of players are treating it like a game purely for adults. That's the feedback developer Jackbox Games was getting, anyway, and thus we end up here: Jackbox Naughty Pack.

Marking the studio's first foray into M-rated territory, Jackbox Naughty Pack is a collection of three games aimed at a mature audience. Currently, there are few details, but judging by the teaser trailer and the language used in the official blog, expect this version of Jackbox to be racier than usual.

"Dim the lights and charge up your devices (you know which ones) because here comes Jackbox Naughty Pack, an intimate pack of three games that are sure to have you laughing and maybe even sweating just a little, coming out later this year," reads the announcement post. Details about the included games are withheld for now, but tt teases "spicy surprises and maybe even some familiar faces".

A Jackbox pack aimed squarely at adults seems like a fine idea, though obviously it all comes down to the included games, so we'll have to see what it has for us when more details are revealed in the summer. Platforms aren't confirmed, but all the previous games are on PlayStation, so we don't expect this to be any different when it launches later in 2024. What are your thoughts on Jackbox Naughty Pack? Think clean thoughts in the comments section below.