It Takes Two Devs Will Show Us What's Next This Year, and It's 'Real Good' 1

Hazelight Studios, Josef Fares' development team responsible for It Takes Two and A Way Out, is teasing its next project. As the studio turns 10 years old, it's promising a look back at its history, but promises we'll be seeing what comes next sometime later this year.

The team shared the tease in a post on social media:

It tells us the team has something "real good" brewing in the background, and that it'll make an appearance in 2024. With summer showcases on the approach, we suppose it could show up at Summer Game Fest or something along those lines, though that's obviously just speculation on our part. It'll also be interesting to see whether Hazelight signs on with EA Originals once again, or if it'll go a different route for its next game.

Whatever happens, we expect the co-op specialists will make an impression with another novel way to get a pair of players working together. Are you excited for Hazelight's next game? Discuss in the comments section below.