Horror-Tinged Fishing Hit Dredge Is Getting a Live-Action Movie Adaptation 1

Dredge is one of 2023's breakout indie hits, and for good reason. The fishing adventure has you catching and trading sea specimens, upgrading your boat, and interacting with the inhabitants of a mysterious archipelago. The twist is that it gradually weaves in elements of light horror; you'll find mutated fish, murky shadows beneath the waves, ghost ships chasing you down, and so on, all wrapped around a moody, Lovecraftian story. It's well worth playing, but there will be another way to enjoy it in the future — at the cinema.

Yes, Dredge is being adapted into a feature film. Developer Black Salt Games is collaborating with production company Story Kitchen to turn the critically acclaimed indie title into a live-action flick. It's described as "The Sixth Sense on the water [...] A grounded atmospheric cosmic horror blend of HP Lovecraft and Ernest Hemingway".

Story Kitchen is perhaps best known for its work on the Sonic the Hedgehog movies, but it's also developing several other game-to-movie projects. Dredge is the latest to join the party. "Dredge is a captivatingly eerie and profoundly rich story that had us completely hooked from the very beginning," the company said in a joint statement.

We think a Dredge film could translate to the big screen rather well — hopefully it's smooth sailing and doesn't turn out to be a wreck. Would you be interested in watching a Dredge movie? Tell us in the comments section below.

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