Helldivers 2 Automaton Trophies
Image: Push Square

Good news, everyone! The Helldivers 2 Trophy list is working again, primarily because the Automaton enemy faction has returned to the game. For those out of the loop, a community event called Operation Swift Disassembly had tasked players with wiping out hordes of evil robots — and the troops actually pulled it off in typically heroic fashion.

However, the total eradication of Automatons meant that three of the title's Trophies were rendered unobtainable. The trinkets in question pushed players to tackle the mechanical menace — but that's obviously impossible when they've been forcibly removed from the game.

But, as mentioned, the Automatons are back. Turns out that those metalheads had an entirely different invasion fleet just waiting in the wings. Typical. But hey, at least you can track those Trophies down again!

We must admit, we've found this whole saga fascinating. Helldivers 2 is a prime example of a live service release done right; always changing and evolving in dynamic and interesting ways. Even if you don't play the game, hearing about the community's efforts surely raises an eyebrow or two.

Did you take part in Operation Swift Disassembly? Dare we ask if your Trophy hunting had been halted by the lack of Automatons? Pick an effective drop zone in the comments section below.