No Rest for the Wicked PS5

Ori maker Moon Studios is trying something different with its new, upcoming title No Rest for the Wicked, an isometric action RPG that can be just as colourful as it is dark. The game is slated to launch for PS5 when it reaches a 1.0 state, but until then, an early access phase is being conducted on PC, where its initial release has been met with positivity.

Eurogamer and IGN have published early access reviews, with the former praising its "compelling gameplay loop" while raising concerns around a rough start to the game as its mix of Diablo and Dark Souls inspirations clash. "Thankfully, it gets better. A lot better. Once you arrive in the hub city and pick up a few quests, No Rest starts to take shape. There are numerous vendors and a guard captain who hands out daily and weekly bounty quests. Fast travel is unlocked, but only between the city and the last checkpoint you visited."

Meanwhile, IGN's main gripes are simply a lack of content in the early access version and some technical issues. "With lots of loot and inventory shortcomings, some technical issues, and some isometric camera angles that take getting used to, there’s still plenty to tweak in the months of development to come before 1.0."

The outlet continues: "But even in this early state – before co-op multiplayer even arrives – I’ve had an absolute blast with the precise and challenging combat, memorable exploration, and art, voice acting, and characters that make me really eager to see more of the story and further explore the high-risk, high-reward roguelike mode. With so much going for it already, I could easily see this becoming a landmark game for action RPGs, and that potential is exciting."

Have you been playing No Rest for the Wicked in early access on PC? Are you excited for the full 1.0 release? Let us know in the comments below.

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