Just yesterday, we learned that Billie Eilish would be headlining Season 3 of Fortnite Festival, the free-to-play music mode which has slowly but surely cornered the periphery market. With the update now live, there were a few welcome extra additions. For starters, guitar controller support for Harmonix's previous effort, Rock Band 4, is now available, meaning those dusty old axes can finally be put to good use.

Epic Games, which acquired Harmonix in 2021, provided a lengthy list of additions and inclusions via a blog post, but most pertinent to our purview, said: "You can now use your Rock Band 4 guitar controllers to go all out on new Pro Lead and Pro Bass song parts on the Main Stage."

A handy chart was also provided so you can tell, at a glance, if your particular piece of plastic will be supported. Epic says "we'll have more instrument controller news to announce in the future", so it seems this could be the beginning.

Rock Band 4 Compatibility

Have you got some old Rock Band gear lying around, cluttering the attic, or perhaps tucked away under the stairs? Will you dust them off to see what all the fuss is about? Let us know in the comments section below.

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