Foamstars! Remember that? Well, it's still going, and Square Enix is gearing up for the game's third seasonal update. Titled Mysterious Swing, the new season debuts on 12th April, and you can see some of the new additions in the above trailer.

Top billing goes to the latest new playable character, Chloe Noir. She's all about precision shots with her charge rifle, and can track down opponents using her batty sidekick. All players can unlock her for free by progressing the battle pass to tier 31, while those with the premium pass will unlock access immediately.

Elsewhere, Skill Gems are being introduced, which allow you to enhance your characters with buffed abilities. They're a bit like the Bubble Gems that we already have, but are more specific to each Foamstar. Ranked playlists Party Lonestar and Party Tribe-Vibe will be available as limited-time events, while two new Extreme Parties will be added. All Chloe Party has everyone playing as the new character, and Bubbly Penguin Party makes everyone Penny Gwyn, and only able to use her special abilities to battle.

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