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Last week, we brought word of confusion among the ranks of eager Fallout fans trying to dive into the native PS5 port of Fallout 4, all fired up from watching Amazon's excellent adaptation. Those with access to either PS Plus Extra or Premium can now upgrade for free, with a small patch being released over the weekend.

Spotted by PSLS, the issue now appears to be resolved, with players reporting that they are able to access the next-gen version of the game. Those who purchased physically or digitally are also fine, although physical owners will need their discs to upgrade.

Sadly, those who acquired Fallout 4 via the now-defunct PS Plus Collection are the only ones who will not qualify for the upgrade. This move aligns with Sony's existing policies, and so perhaps should not be too surprising. We suspect this is where a lot of the confusion came from, with players perhaps forgetting exactly where that digital copy of Fallout 4 came from.

Can you confirm your access to Fallout 4's PS5 next-gen upgrade via PS Plus? In the comments section below, navigate the tricky world of digital rights ownership.

[source playstationlifestyle.net]