Dragon's Dogma PS5 Patch

A fresh Dragon's Dogma 2 patch has been pushed on PS5, but don't get your hopes up for any technical enhancements. Although Capcom previously said that it was planning to improve the game's frame rate via additional updates, it's apparently too soon.

Instead, this new patch focuses on busting some bugs. You can download it now, weighing in at 515MB.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Update 1.060 Patch Notes

  • Fixed issues that prevented progression in some quests
  • Fixed some terrain that caused characters to get stuck
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Here's hoping the developer's almost done cooking those aforementioned frame rate updates, because even though the last patch did improve things — specifically with ray tracing disabled — the open world RPG still suffers from some pretty severe dips in places.

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