Microids has announced The Smurfs: Dreams, another 3D platformer starring the small Belgian blue folks. Coming to both PS5 and PS4 later this year, the game is giving off strong Super Mario 3D World/Sackboy: A Big Adventure energy, as you can see in the announcement trailer above.

Playable solo or co-op, the game has you exploring the realms found within the dreams and nightmares of the Smurfs, who have all been enchanted into a deep sleep by the nefarious Gargamel. The action looks to be breezy, colourful puzzle platforming, and given the dreamy premise, we expect to see some imaginative locations to explore. According to the press release, each dream will offer "their own set of challenges and surprises".

There's not much more to go on just yet, but this may be a fun time if the gameplay is solid. What do you think of The Smurfs: Dreams? Get smurfing in the comments section below.

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