Classic RPGs Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VII have been referenced as inspirations behind a new galaxy-spanning RPG set for release on PS5, PS4 later this year. Beyond Galaxyland, from individual developer Sam Enright, is "an all-new take on the beloved RPG adventures of old" with an active turn-based combat system, platforming, and puzzle solving from the 2.5D perspective. Check out the announcement trailer above.

Moments before the cataclysmic destruction of Earth by an unknown celestial destroyer of worlds known only as the ‘The End’, high-schooler Doug is whisked away to Galaxyland – an idyllic, zoo-like solar system of planets," a press release reveals. "But is this so-called paradise truly as good as it seems? Doug embarks on a galactic quest alongside his gun-toting pet guinea pig Boom Boom, a sentient robot called MartyBot, and a whole host of equally whacky companions, in a valiant effort to discover the truth behind Galaxyland and somehow undo the apocalypse of his Earth."

Alongside the usual mechanics and features of a turn-based combat system, Beyond Galaxyland also employs defensive manoeuvres during enemy turns that allow you to block some amount of damage, and usable abilities before battles that let you scan your foes for strengths and weaknesses. You can also capture enemies and use them on your side in the next battle.

Subscribing to a sort of movie-esque style and feel, Sam Enright said: "I’m a huge fan of classic turn-based RPGs from the mid and late-1990s, and some of my favourites – such as Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VII – have provided me a galaxy’s worth of inspiration when developing Beyond Galaxyland. I wanted to make a game that felt uniquely cinematic, while being within a familiar genre. I hope when gamers play it they’ll appreciate how Beyond Galaxyland’s pacing will often feel closer to a movie than a videogame."

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