Silent Hill 2 PS5 PlayStation

All eyes are on Bloober Team as we inch closer to the developer's PS5 remake of Silent Hill 2, a pressure the studio is well aware of. Expected sometime in 2024, and despite a public spat with publisher Konami in February, Bloober Team remains "very confident about the final result”.

The studio recently released its annual report to shareholders (thanks, Eurogamer), where the team expressed optimism about the project, acknowledging that remaking a game as iconic as Silent Hill 2 will be "the most important test" the studio has ever faced.

Bloober states: "In 2023, almost half of our production forces were focused on the currently loudest project in the industry—Silent Hill 2, which we are creating together with our partner, Konami. It is one of the most recognisable brands in the gaming world and definitely a key one when it comes to the horror genre. We make every effort to provide the best possible emotions - both to those who played the original over 20 years ago and to those for whom this will be their first approach to the famous series."

We appreciate the confidence, but "loudest" might be a bit of a stretch. What do you think of Bloober Team's optimism? Brace for impact in the comments section below.