Atari has announced it's collaborating with Shantae and River City Girls developer WayForward to develop a new entry in the Yars' Revenge series, named Yars Rising. Slated to launch at the end of this year, the title was announced during today's Nintendo Indie World showcase, but will release also for PS5 and PS4. Check out the reveal trailer above.

Yars Rising is first and foremost a Metroidvania game, but it'll also house platforming, a mixture of stealth and combat, and retro-inspired minigames. WayForward will use its expertise in storytelling to craft a tale that sees a young Emi Kimura "infiltrate the shadowy Qotech corporation. Run, jump, sneak, and hack your way through challenges to unravel layers of intrigue in this expansive sci-fi mystery. Embark on Emi’s journey to decipher the mystery of the corporation’s closely guarded secret and uncover her inexplicable bond to a far-off alien race."

On the collaboration with WayForward, Atari chairman and CEO Wade Rosen explained: "Wayforward’s proven story-telling and world-building powers made them a perfect choice for reimagining one of Atari’s most enduring game franchises. I am confident that fans are going to enjoy this new, dynamic chapter in the Yars storyline: Yars Rising."

Will you be keeping your eye out for Yars Rising towards the end of 2024? Let us know in the comments below.