Apple Lifts Ban on Emulators, But the PS1 on iPhone Dream May Still Be Elusive 1
Image: Push Square

Recently, Apple adjusted its App Store guidelines to allow the distribution of console emulation apps. Essentially, what this means is that developers can now release emulators, including downloadable games, on iOS devices. However, while that sounds pretty exciting, the legal language suggests the functionality will be fairly limited.

Apple stresses that developers will be responsible for ensuring any games downloadable within emulators also comply with its guidelines and "all applicable laws". While emulators themselves are legal, downloading and using ROMs often isn't. In a nutshell, developers who release emulators will also need distribution rights for any games offered for download. Any emulator apps with pirated ROMs available for download will be removed from the App Store.

As noted by VGC, this change seems related to the European Union's decision to allow for third-party app stores.

Playing all your favourite PlayStation classics on iPhone sounds very appealing, but doing so via the App Store might not be straightforward. Legally obtained ROMs could theoretically be sideloaded into emulators, and outside of Sony releasing official emulators, that seems like it'll be the only way to do it.

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