Publisher Marvelous and developer Voracious Games have unveiled a console port of their well-received shopkeeping sim, Potionomics. Coming to PS5 this autumn as Potionomics: Masterwork Edition, this is a souped-up version of the game that adds various new features to the experience.

Playing as Sylvia, a young witch who's inherited a potion shop and a bunch of debt, you're tasked with brewing potions and selling them to customers, gradually turning the business into a successful store. You'll concoct potions yourself using ingredients you've purchased, then sell your products for a profit — but you'll have to haggle with picky shoppers, keeping them interested without sacrificing too much cash.

In addition, you're able to befriend or even romance other characters, which will provide various benefits like unlocking new potion recipes, ingredients, and methods for bartering. On top of that, you can fully customise your shop with all sorts of furniture and other decorations.

The Masterwork Edition of the game includes all post-launch updates and improvements made to the PC version, as well as introducing full voice acting, a new Endless mode, and additional difficulty levels.

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