The Explore page on the PS5 home screen appears to be running a beta that adds new features like backgrounds, friend activities, your controller's battery life, and easy links to console storage. Mystic, a popular PlayStation YouTuber, posted a new video today detailing the additions, which appear to have only rolled out to select PS5 users. You can see what's new in the video above.

It's important to note the Explore page as a whole is still exclusive to USA accounts; Sony has never commented on why this is or when access might be rolled out worldwide. It's been this way since the launch of the PS5 in 2020.

As for what the update brings, the biggest addition is a background you can set for the Explore page. This background is only applied when the Explore tab is selected — it doesn't carry over when you scroll through installed games. You can use some premade ones from Sony, or choose a screenshot you've captured as the background.

You can also see your PS Store wishlist in another tab, there's news from PlayStation, and an easy way to see how much storage your system has left free. Mystic states he has the Explore page set to an option focusing on single player, but there's another one for multiplayer also.

Do you like the look of this update? Do you hope access roles out worldwide with these new features? Share your thoughts in the comments below.