Sabotage Studio has confirmed one of its Sea of Stars updates arriving in the future will introduce a new mode that lets three players play together in local co-op. This makes Garl playable in the overworld along with the other main character that you don't select to control. You can see the update in action in the short video above, which reveals how the party can now split up on-screen.

The developer is calling this mode Single Player+, and it'll also include a "co-op timed hits" mechanic, which sounds like it's tied to combat. With the mode still in active development, more details will be shared soon.

Sea of Stars is still available on PS Plus Extra, having launched into the service last year. Because of that and the Xbox version being part of Game Pass, the RPG has now reached five million players, Sabotage Studio today confirmed. We awarded the game an 8/10 in our PS5 review, and shared praise for its combat system, fun characters, and nice pixel visuals. "It isn't perfect, but it overcomes any flaws with its charming presentation, a world ripe with things to see and do, and no shortage of personality."