Nailing down exactly what PS5 game INDIKA is seems like an impossibility, so we will let the trailer above do a lot of the talking. Now confirmed for a current-gen launch on 8th May 2024, you play as a young nun with the devil by her side on a journey of self-discovery. You shall be taken back to the 19th century in an alternative Russia where "religious visions clash with harsh reality" for a third-person adventure likely to live long in the mind.

As mentioned previously, INDIKA comes from studio Odd Meter, which was situated in Russia as the country invaded Ukraine in early 2022. As it "became both physically scary and, more importantly, morally difficult" to stay there, the team relocated to Kazakhstan. A portion of the game's revenue will now be donated to children affected by the invasion of Ukraine.

Now locked in for May, the fascinating title will make its way to PS5 during what is currently a somewhat quiet period for the release calendar. Will you be checking it out? Let us know in the comments below.